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Our Happy Customers


“I have worked with California Oaks Property Management for more than 25 years.  They have managed an investment property I own since 1996.  They have always kept me informed of any issues and dealt with them efficiently.  My tenants have never complained about their service.  After all these years I do know the staff fairly well.  I have been a real estate broker for 30 years and know that clients (tenants and owners) can sometimes have unrealistic expectations.  My experience with California Oaks Property Management has been overwhelmingly positive.  I have, do and will continue to refer tenants and owners to them.”


“I have been a client for almost a decade, and very satisfied with the excellent service Jayne and her competent staff consistently provided. Management is a very hard task, I appreciate the balance they bring to the table between land lords and tenants. My property is at the low end of the rental market. It has been difficult to decide on how to screen prospective tenants. The applicants tend to only see one side of the relationship. It is a partnership.”


“C.O.P.M. started managing my residential income property 2 years ago and has been doing a great job. Their staff is courteous and efficient and I believe they care about both owners and tenants. They pay attention to detail and operate at the highest professional standard. I’ve owned income property for 40 years, sometimes self managed but mostly using outside management. Only the last 2 years have been completely trouble free as an owner/investor. I’m enjoying my retirement (from the health care industry) and can travel extensively worry free! I know COPM will take care of everything and be focused on my best interests always.”


“I have used Cal Oaks for over 15 years to manage my property in Oxnard.  My home has never been without tenants and the people they’ve gotten have been quality. Recently there was an issue with a large tree on the property that was causing damage that had to be removed.  It was going to be expensive and I didn’t have the money.  Cal Oaks took care of the problem and let me make payments to do it.  That’s not common.  But they care enough to look at things by a case by case basis.  I would highly recommend this company.  They really try and want you to be successful in renting out your property, finding a new home and finding the perfect fit!”


“I had a great experience renting my property through Cal Oaks.  They did a very professional job of marketing the property and showing it to prospective tenants.  Even handled all the paperwork and lease signing. I found their staff to be courteous and prompt when returning phone calls.  Overall a very positive experience and I would recommend them to anyone that is either renting out their property or looking for a property to rent.”