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DIY Maintenance

As a property management company, we regularly receive maintenance calls for the properties that we manage. Some of these calls can be handled with small adjustments. We thought it would be a good idea to share a few tips for some of FAQ we get. We hope everyone find these tips helpful whether you are renting or own your home!


  • One common call we get is for lack of water in one area of the home, maybe it’s the bathroom sink that is not receiving any water, but you have water in all other areas. If this does happen it could be a clogged aerator screen on your faucet, hard water after a time begins to build up mineral deposits and that can contribute to little to no water pressure in faucets. If this in your home, try cleaning the aerators with vinegar. It works wonders to break down the mineral deposits.
  • Another very common problem we hear is lack of power to certain outlets in a home, or loss of power in one or two rooms. Sometimes flipping the breakers can resolve this or resetting the GFI’s. If your outlet has a button that says “reset” this can reset the GFI and restore power to the outlets.
  • To help with drains try using boiling water down the drains to maintain them. If a drain is clogged, try flushing with one cup of baking soda and then following with one cup of vinegar. When the weather gets windy it can kick up all sorts of things and can affect the smell of drains. I have noticed when the Santa Ana’s start we get an influx of calls for sewer smell coming from drains and will sometimes resolve itself once the weather changes back so try and be patient.

Of course if these simple fixes do not resolve the issues, contact our office.

Posted by: caloaks on July 5, 2018
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