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Beautifying Rentals

Here are a few fun, and easy tips to beautify your rental space!

Whether you rent a home, an apartment, or a studio from California Oaks Property Management, these are a few ideas we think help!

Estate sales- these are great for finding vintage furniture and art and even jewelry. You can find a list of estate sales in the local paper under “classified”

Photo squared app- this app is so neat, you can turn photos from your phone into hangable tiles. They don’t even need nails so no damage to the wall. They have an adhesive attached to the back of the tiles and are very easy to be taken down when the time comes.

DIY bar cart-if you happen to enjoy making your own cocktails and entertaining this is the perfect addition even for small spaces.

Succulents and air plants- succulents are great for brightening up any area, and they are very low maintenance so don’t be intimidated even if you don’t have a green thumb. Air plants are also an affordable and fun way to decorate.

Flea markets- you can find so many great things here, from furniture to art, and even clothing. Go early, and you can find all the gems. There is one every Wednesday at the Ventura County Fair Grounds, admission is cheap and you get the best deals on unexpected items. I have even found really great patio and yard furniture in good condition.

We hope these ideas help in making your rentals feel like home!

If you are currently looking for a rental property, be sure to check out our website for current vacancies!

Posted by: caloaks on May 29, 2019
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