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Our Service Area: Santa Paula

Santa Paula is the “Citrus Capital of the world” and has a small-town charm that is undeniable. Maybe it’s the tree lined streets or the history that this town holds, but it is completely adorable. The town itself has numerous historical landmarks and one of the most aesthetically pleasing backdrops. I had never really spent much time in Santa Paula until one of my dear friends bought a home in town.

The neighborhoods look like something out of a book, long streets lined with huge trees and the Topa Topa mountains in the background. This quaint town has a lot to offer, from a giant corn maze every October to beautiful hiking trails and parks. This town is the perfect place to slow down for a minute and enjoy the beauty that our county has to offer.

If you aren’t a fan of outdoor adventures, Santa Paula has some great restaurants to choose from. The Glen Tavern Inn isn’t known just for being haunted but also for the Italian restaurant Enzo’s inside of the hotel. This vintage hotel was built in 1911 right across from the train depot in order to provide accommodations to the newcomers in the area.  If you haven’t been to Santa Paula I highly recommend stopping by the next time you are passing through.

California Oaks Property Management proudly services the city of Santa Paula for Management Services. If you own property in this wonderful city or thinking of relocating to the area, contact our office today!


Tips to avoid online scams

With the growth of the internet today, it is easy for people to take advantage of anyone looking to rent. At California Oaks Property Management we have seen an increase in online scams for rentals. I will list a few tips to help people be aware and stay safe when using the internet to look for rentals. Being a property management company, we must advertise available rental listings for owners and one way we do that is via the internet. This is a great way to find information easily,but as always when using the internet one should do so with caution.

Verify Information

My first tip is to always check our direct website for the most accurate, and up to date information. If you see a listing that seems too good to be true, check our website to verify. If it isn’t listed on our website, then it’s most likely a scam. This happens a lot on Craigslist, so be aware. You can also pick up copies of our rental list from our office directly at 2463 E. Main St or contact us at (805)648-1851 if you are unsure of the legitimacy of an ad.

Fake Listings

Another good way to tell if an online ad is face is by checking the location.  I have heard of people from areas outside of Ventura County(Camarillo, Santa Paula, Fillmore, Oxnard, Carpinteria) reposting our property listings on Craigslist as their own. They will list the same address and just change to Pasadena for example.

If someone asks for money upfront, before processing any kind of paperwork this is a red flag. Our company policy is to require someone to tour a property in person before an application can be taken in, then we will check financials, credit, and background. I cannot speak for all management companies, but this will be the process for all our properties.  Never send money to someone online that you have not met in person, I have heard a lot of people will pretend to be an owner of a property and request that you send funds over the internet to secure a property. If you are ever unsure do not hesitate to contact our office.

New Traditions

Giving Back to Children of Ventura County!

California Oaks Property Management prioritizes giving back to the community, which is why this year we decided to host our very first Toys for Tots Toy Drive!  Once we made the decision to participate, we knew we wanted to get everyone involved and make it as successful as possible.

Our amazing staff all came together and started contacting our property owner’s, our tenants and our vendors to bring toys to the office by December 15th.  We had hoped we would see a strong response but didn’t expect that in the first week we would have filled almost two boxes! Some of our generous owner’s and vendors donated large sums of money for toys to be purchased. It was so inspiring to see people coming in everyday bringing loads of toys!

The response to our first Toys for Tots Toy Drive far exceeded our expectations! We filled over seven boxes of toys, donating over 200 toys to children in need this holiday season! With such a great turnout; we cannot wait to do it all over again next year!

Having the opportunity to participate in events like this really remind us what is important, especially during the holidays. We are so grateful to be able to give back and we cannot thank everyone who participated enough!

Local Business highlight: Fluid Sate Beer Garden

Since opening in May 2017, it’s safe to say Fluid State Beer Garden in Downtown Ventura, has become a fast favorite for Ventura natives and visitors as well. Though it is a “beer garden” at heart, they have a full bar which is a plus and a rarity for most breweries. The beautiful patio is inviting and perfect for spending an afternoon under the sun. It is another great addition to our constantly growing Main St. community. Even though new breweries seem to pop up weekly, I think Fluid State offers something a little different.

One of my favorite things about the beer garden, is its ever-growing list of taps. They are consistently switching out the beers they have, and I have found some of the best tasting beers here! If I don’t see something that sounds interesting I always ask the staff and they never steer me wrong.  If you aren’t a big beer drinker, don’t worry they have a full bar and make a mean cocktail. They are always helpful and have great recommendations for your taste preferences. You cannot come to Fluid State and not try the pizza, so be sure to arrive hungry! Their pizza is some of the best pizza I have ever had, it rivals New York slices. Give them a try and you won’t be disappointed, they are open from 3-11 Tuesday-Thursday and Friday-Sunday from 11:30-11. If you’re visiting Ventura from out of town, add this to your list of stops while in town,  you will not be disappointed it’s a great local spot!


Caring for your rental: Fall/Winter maintenance tips

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

With the season changing it’s always good to stay on top of home care. At California Oaks Property Management, we always try to stay preventative with our maintenance of properties in order to keep our tenants happy and to ensure the best level of care for our homeowner’s properties. Even though Ventura County and surrounding areas do not get severe winter weather, it is still necessary to take some precautions during the colder months. Here are just a few of our tips for keeping our tenants safe and happy in their rental.

Heaters- Filters on heaters should be changed annually. Make sure to check your filters and clean or replace them before the cold season begins! Most heater filters can be purchased at your local hardware store.

Rain Gutters- If rain gutters are not properly clean and clear of debris before the rains start, it can cause leaks. If you notice that the gutters have a buildup of leaves at your rental, please contact our office.

Fireplaces- If your property has a fireplace that you would like to enjoy, please make sure the vents are clean and your flute is open before using, especially if it has been a long time since the last service date.

Windows- A lot of residential windows slide on a track, outside of which are small “weep holes” that allow rainwater to drain out. If these weep holes are plugged up with dirt, the track may fill with water and leak during heavy rains. To prevent water damage, thoroughly clean all window tracks before the rainy season.

Exterior hoses-Turn off and flush any outdoor water hoses and faucets.

Weather Stripping- If you notice any damaged caulking / weather stripping to windows and doors, let us know before Winter sets in. This will prevent large drafts and save on utility costs.

As always, feel free to report any and all maintenance concerns to our office. Our priority is taking care of our properties and our tenants!



For additional tips, check out these links!

New Property Highlight

Enjoy Living in Desirable Ventura Keys Neighborhood

One of the most requested and sought-after neighborhoods for us is definitely the Pierpont/Ventura Keys area. We have listed a beautiful completely remodeled (looks brand new!) duplex! This spacious 2 bedroom is setup with not one, but two master suites! Give us a call to tour this beautiful beachy home in person. For more information on this property, and our other listings visit our website at

Local Business Highlight

Waypoint Ventura

Waypoint Ventura has created quite the buzz since opening earlier this year, after visiting the vintage trailer park I can see why it is becoming so popular. Tucked away between the Ventura Pier and Downtown Ventura, you could easily miss the park. The first thing that caught my eye was an open trailer that was stocked with bikes that are complimentary for the guests of Waypoint. Visitors can easily grab a bike and be on the beach or pier in no time! Each of the restored trailers are different, but they all are equipped with tv’s, microwave, refrigerator and individual decks with plenty of seating make it the perfect hang out spot.


The grounds have corn hole boards for guests to enjoy, swings for the kids and fire pits for s’mores at night! They really have thought of everything here, and the site is walking distance to Downtown Ventura, so you’re close to everything if you don’t want to take advantage of the communal barbecues just walk to any of the great restaurants downtown. This is a great place to spend a weekend and bring visitors from out of town! My family loved it, and I can’t wait to go back. Looking at the website, they have a great variety of trailers to choose from! So, if you are interested in going with a big group, fear not they even have a trailer that has 6 twin beds and one queen, with two outdoor showers! So whether you are in town visiting, or a Ventura native looking to get away, Waypoint is the perfect weekend spot.

If you’re interested in finding out more, here is a link to their website




Local Non profit emphasizes tradition

Escaramuza Charras Unidas
We are so proud to support local organizations, including Escaramuza Charras Unidas of which our wonderful onsite manager for the Del Norte St apartments on the East end of Ventura, Jill Martinez is a part of. It is a local non-profit that performs the traditional national sport of Mexico. Their team is based out of Santa Paula but perform all over, including the Ventura County Fair for the last 7 years! While wearing traditional Mexican attire along with their horses they ride side saddle in very precise patterns, and if you haven’t seen it before you need to check them out! It is so impressive to see the choreography they perform with the horses in the beautiful traditional Mexican uniforms.

For the last three years the team has been invited to represent the United States in the International Puerto Vallarta Tournament, as well as competing in regional competitions and they have been competing for over 10 years, which is very impressive!

They also have a youth team with girls ages 4-14, and 3 -7 years old. The youth teams are taught about side saddle horse back riding and the traditions of Escaramuza, as well as focusing on Mexican culture, and teamwork. We love being able to support not only an organization that promotes people learning about their heritage while emphasizing traditions, but also supports one of our team members. The link below is to the team facebook page, or I’m sure you can catch them at next year’s fair!

Rental Application Tips


Application Checklist

When applying for a rental property, it is important that you have all the required documents when turning in the application. If an application is submitted with only partial information or missing documents, the application will not be processed right away. In such a tight rental market, this means another applicant can be approved for the property before your application has been processed.

Here is an overview of what we need to process an application:

– Completed application for each person 18+ that will be residing in the property. (Can be a paper application from our office or one submitted online through our website.) An application is considered complete when it is fully filled out (no sections can be left blank).

Rental History– The application asks for a minimum of 5 years rental history. This includes the property address, contact name and phone number for references and dates which you resided at the property. Be prepared, because we will contact all previous landlords to obtain rental references.

-Photo I.D. for each person 18+

-Income verification- Combined gross income of all adult occupants must be at least 2.5x the monthly rent amount. We require the most recent two paycheck stubs for each person 18+. If you receive direct deposit or personal checks that you deposit into a bank account, we will require 6 months of consecutive bank statements to verify income. If you receive income outside of your employment that is consistent and would like that to be included with your application, we would need proper documentation to verify that as well.

-Pets– If you are applying for a property and have a pet, be sure to check that the property you are applying for is accepting pets. This information can be found on the website under the amenities and description section of the property.  We require the breed, weight and picture of the pet to be submitted with your application.

-$30.00 application fee per applicant. Online this may be paid by credit card. If you are submitting paper applications to our office, the application fee must be paid in cash.

At California Oaks Property Management, we understand finding a rental property can be a stressful time. By being prepared when submitting your application, our office will be able to process your application faster and help you move into your dream rental!

Benefits of Property Management

Renting out your home can be a stressful time for a property owner.  California Oaks Property Management is an experienced and reliable full-service management company that has been serving local Ventura County for over 30 years. Let us take the stress out of being an income property owner and help you rent your property with confidence!

Below is an overview of our full-time management service.

INITIAL PROPERTY INSPECTION: The broker will meet you at your rental property to complete a physical inspection to ensure the property is in compliance with rental regulations and give you recommendations for cosmetic updates. At this time, we can answer any detailed questions you have regarding our management services and provide you a recommended listing price.

MARKETING: Your property will have high quality pictures and detailed description created for online advertising. Our marketing software will showcase your property to over thirty rental websites including but not limited to our company website, Craigslist, Zillow and

TENANT SCREENING: Our office completes a thorough background check on all applicants 18 years and over. This includes a complete credit check, verification of employment, criminal background, eviction background and rental references. We have a reputation for attracting high quality tenants which ensures proper care of your property.

LEASE PREPARATION AND RENEWAL: Your income property will be protected with a detailed Rental Agreement and appropriate addendums. California Oaks continuously makes updates to our leases to ensure they are in compliance with current Real Estate laws. At the owner’s request, we will complete lease renewals and rent increases.

CONVENIENCE FOR YOUR TENANTS: Your tenants will appreciate our up to date software with online applications, automatic online rent payment options and online maintenance requests.

MAINTENANCE: California Oaks Property Management employs our own maintenance staff. Owners and tenants appreciate knowing that if something does need a quick repair, a reliable and familiar face is available to help. All maintenance repairs are handled in the most cost-effective way for the owner. Should extensive repair work ever be needed, we maintain contacts with reputable contractors.  Our office has an on call 24-hour emergency line if your tenant ever experiences an after-hours emergency.

FINANCIALS:  All rents are collected on time and forwarded to you on schedule. You will receive a monthly, itemized statement that will make it easy to keep track of your income property, and your accountant will appreciate having all your information in such a concise format. Paperless options are available where you can access all your statements online 24/7 and receive your owner draw by direct deposit.

LEGAL NOTICES: If your tenant is in violation of their lease or late on rent payment, our office will handle the preparation and serving of all legal notices. In the rare case an unlawful detainer is required, we have relationships with reputable eviction attorneys.

MOVE-OUT INSPECTIONS: Our experienced Property Managers will complete a thorough move-out inspection of your home to document the condition. Our software allows us to photo document the property and send you an itemized inspection report online.  We will handle your tenants itemized deposit return and charges.

VACANCY PREPARATION: Allow California Oaks to prepare your property in between tenants by coordinating all contractors and cleaning. Our experienced staff completes this in an efficient manner, minimizing the amount of time your property is vacant.

Whether you are an owner looking to fill your vacancy with a qualified tenant or seeking full-time management services, California Oaks Property Management will ensure your property is rented out with confidence. For more information and quotes on our management service options, please contact our office today at (805) 648-1851.